News: Are smart thermostats the new CFLs?

The U.S. energy efficiency industry has been bemoaning the lack of low-hanging fruit – inexpensive and easy energy savings – now that efficient lightbulbs are fairly ubiquitous.
Could smart thermostats be the new replacement?

Events in Chicago last week suggest so. The smart thermostat is starting to show scale. In what project sponsors say is the largest campaign of its kind in the country, utilities and partners are trying to install one million smart thermostats in northern Illinois.

Commonwealth Edison, Nest, ecobee, gas utilities and advocacy groups are working together on the lengthy project. ComEd hopes to see the million mark reached in about five years, according to George Malek, ComEd’s director of energy efficiency services.

“We are always searching for the next generation of energy efficiency that will help us meet our savings goal,” said Malek in a recent interview.

CFLs were once the “silver bullet,” then LEDs. And now Malek sees the rise of the smart thermostat as interest grows in the smart home and business.

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