Energy Assessments

LEAP provides energy assessments for homes and businesses to identify how your building is using energy, health and safety issues, and what improvements you could make or renewable energy systems you might install. We have several levels of assessments to meet your budget, learn more here.


LEAP is proud to be a provider of Dominion Energy’s Income and Age Qualifying Home Improvement and EnergyShare weatherization programs, learn more here.


Since 2014, LEAP has championed “Reduce and Produce” through our Solarize community campaigns around the state, helping home and business owners Go Solar, learn more here.

Education & Outreach

We recognize that the success of our Clean Energy Future depends in large part upon education and empowerment. To this end, we develop workshops and educational programs, and seek out community outreach opportunities to provide the background knowledge building owners and residents need to think big and take action.