How to Make Your Washer/Dryer Work for You!

WDWashing and drying clothes is one of the biggest energy hogs for homes behind only hot water heaters and refrigerators. This could be especially true for a family of four or five that does multiple loads throughout each week. In the overall laundry cycle, the dryer accounts for close to 80% of energy consumed, so making the drying cycle faster and more efficient is key. For example, an energy efficiency horizontal axis washer will not only use 50-60% less water, but will also cut the drying time by close to 75%.  Because it may be impractical to replace older, less efficient washers and dryers, there are a number of simple modifications you can make to your household laundry routine that will help you save on your electric bills today!Секреты прирожденного продавца. Часть 6

Guy Caroselli wtih Alex Howle, LEAP