Holiday Gifts for Energy-Efficiency Lovers

We know: It’s easy to get behind on holiday gift shopping! Every year, the season of giving feels like it comes a little sooner than the last, and before you know it, you’re scrambling for the perfect last-minute gift idea. Whether your loved one is an efficiency fanatic, or if you’d just like to give a little greener this year, we’ve compiled a list of great energy-efficient gifts – perfect for that family member who swears they don’t want anything.

  • For the Home Chef: Slow Cooker
    • The energy-efficient chef will love this smart food tool. It uses less energy than your oven, even over several hours of cooking, and allows you to prepare food early in the day and forget about it until dinner!

  • For the Music Lover: Solar-Powered Speaker
    • There are endless solar-powered gadgets on the market these days, from phone chargers to fountain bird baths! We especially love this solar-powered bluetooth speaker. It doubles as a phone charger with its large lithium battery, making it perfect for outdoor use. Charge it up during the day, and it’s a perfect campfire companion!

  • For the BookWorm: LED Reading Lamp 
    • Proper lighting is crucial for reading at all hours, and LEDs offer the perfect energy-efficient solution. This is the perfect gift for book-lovers, workaholics, and students.

  • For the Control Freak: Smart Thermostat
    • Google’s smart thermostat, NEST, has made a huge splash in the world of energy efficiency. NEST allows you to auto-schedule best-practice temperature settings in your home depending on when you’re not there, preventing your HVAC system from heating or cooling an empty house. Ecobee is another great option for a smart thermostat. Ecobee uses sensors in the rooms of your home to measure warm and cold spots, then strategically delivers heating or cooling where it matters most.

  • For the Nap-Lover: This Extra Cozy Blanket
    • Stay cozy in the cold months without cranking the heat. Quality thermal blankets and clothing keep you comfortable without breaking the bank on your heating bills.

  • For the Early Bird: Wasteless Coffee Maker
    • Paper coffee filters and plastic K-Cups create waste, which consumes a lot of energy! Skip the non-reusables with this wasteless coffee maker, which uses a metal filter to create the perfect cup of coffee. When you’re done, just wash and reuse.

  • For the Biker: Light-Up Biking Gloves
    • Biking is a great way to exercise and travel without contributing to traffic emissions. Keep the biker in your family safe on the roads and trails with these light-up biking gloves.

  • For the Serious Energy Aficionado: Thermal Leak Detector
    • For your loved one who complains about drafty windows, or carefully tracks their heating bills, try this thermal leak detector. This gadget allows you to pinpoint exactly where your home is leaking energy, and is sure to provide some fun for the gadget lovers out there.

If you want to go the extra mile for energy-efficiency, try skipping wrapping paper to limit waste from your holiday gift exchange. You can even use old newspapers or paper bags to wrap your gifts, and get creative decorating them however you like. Cheers to a happy, healthy, and energy-efficient holiday season!

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