Back to the Bulb

Batteries Plus Bulbs RGB

Seen enough “Back to School” advertising to make you wish you could fast forward a few weeks? Take a break from the endless kids’ clothing and school supplies promotions and instead get Back to the Bulb.

LEAP has teamed up with Batteries + Bulbs in Charlottesville to offer you one great deal on top of another to make the investment in super energy efficient LED light bulbs affordable.

First, for a limited time, you can get up to $8 back on every LED bulb you buy at Batteries + Bulbs (formerly Batteries+, located on 29 South across from Bodo’s). It’s worth checking out their impressive variety of energy efficient lighting products. Their already low prices become a steal with this rebate. You’ll just mail a form, your receipt (on purchases through September 30, 2013) and UPC code (postmarked by October 16, 2013) and you can get up to 10 rebates per household. See Batteries + Bulbs for additional details.

But that’s not all.

LEAP clients can get an additional 5% off bulb purchases at the Charlottesville store. Just be sure to tell them LEAP sent you!

Improving lighting efficiency is one of the easiest changes someone can make and it typically has the best return on investment – plus you can do it yourself. LEDs are 50x more efficient than incandescents and 5x more than CFLs. It’s the most innovative technology, and it’s affordable.

And don’t forget that there are two weeks left to take advantage of LEAP’s 90 Days of Summer deal. Do some home energy improvements that are projected to save 10% energy and you can get up to a $450 cash rebate. That means that homeowners who go all-out in replacing their home’s light bulbs with LEDs could qualify for that rebate (i.e. buy a bunch of bulbs at Batteries + Bulbs, get your $8 rebates, and get additional cash back from LEAP just for saving energy). And if you’re thinking about packaging a few new bulbs with a HVAC upgrade or new insulation, you’ll definitely qualify!

Bottom line: The real buzz as summer winds down isn’t the Back to School marketing blitz. It’s the steal you can get on LEDs at Batteries + Bulbs in Cville thanks in part to our partnership. Take a look around your home for the old bulbs – especially those in lamps and fixtures you use most often – and replace those with LEDs to get cash back now and for the life of the bulbs. Make sure you tell them LEAP sent you!