Housing Voucher Energy Efficiency Pilot (VEEP)

In collaboration with our local partner, the Charlottesville Climate Collaborative (C3), we are excited to launch the Housing Voucher Energy Efficiency Pilot (VEEP) to further meet the energy-efficiency needs of low-income residents, and to help landlords receive free-of-cost energy-efficiency upgrades for their properties.

Affordable housing continues to be a critical issue in Charlottesville. While some residents are given access to housing vouchers to supplement a portion of their rent, they may experience difficulty finding a rental property that accepts this housing incentive, and therefore seek options in surrounding areas or return the voucher, unused.

VEEP encourages landlords to accept housing vouchers in exchange for free-of-cost energy-efficiency upgrades to their properties.

VEEP’s step-by-step process:

1. Contact Us: Get in touch with LEAP to express interest in the program and receive more information.

Submit interest

2. Get Scheduled and Receive a Check-Up for Your Property: One of our expert building analysts will perform an energy audit of your property. This helps us determine the best course of action to implement energy-efficiency upgrades.

3. Sign Contract: Meet with us to walk through and sign the program contract.

4. Installation: Based on the results of the energy audit, your property will be retro-fitted with various energy-efficiency upgrades, free-of-cost.

5. Rent to a Voucher Recipient: Rent your property to tenant(s) with an HCV, TJAC, or CSREP voucher for 5 years.

Not signed up to receive vouchers? Call CRHA at (434) 326-4672.

This pilot is made possible thanks to the support of the City of Charlottesville’s Housing Advisory Committee and Neighborhood Development Services.