Solar for Home and Business

Solar for home and business is easier and more affordable than ever through LEAP’s Solarize campaigns throughout Virginia. These community-based outreach initiatives are co-sponsored with local partners and serve as a one-stop shop for residents to learn more about solar power options for homes or businesses, and to facilitate the installation and financing of their own project. We work with vetted, regional solar contractors so that participants get the best service and pricing possible. LEAP’s Solarize campaigns put solar within reach. Over the past seven years, our Solarize campaigns have achieved over 546 solar power system installations, totaling 4.3 MW of capacity, and valued at more than $12.1 million.

2022 Solarize Campaigns Coming Soon!

Don’t see a current campaign? We will gladly answer your questions about solar, help you find a qualified solar installer, and perform a free solar satellite assessment. Visit Solarize Virginia or email

Solar for Home and Business

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial, going solar for home and business gets easier all the time. LEAP and our local partners are here to answer all of your questions and guide you through every step of installing and maintaining solar power in your home or business.

Solar for home and business - residential installation

Solar for Home

Adding solar to your home is an important decision that feels big but has been done thousands of times by professionals we work with. We look at your lifestyle, energy needs of your appliances and house systems, and energy profile to make sure you get the system that’s right for you.

Solar for home and business - commercial installation

Solar for Business

Adding solar to your business is a great way to lock in predictability of energy costs. The more you offset with solar, the less you are exposed to outside factors that affect pricing. Plus, customers have shown again and again that they appreciate businesses going green with clean energy that solar energy provides.

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