Support a clean energy future for all of Virginia!

LEAP envisions a world where all Virginians can live and work in safe, healthy, and comfortable homes and businesses, while saving energy and their hard-earned income. We’re working towards a clean energy future that shifts Virginians away from fossil fuels to reduced energy use and renewable energy sources.

We are dedicated to leading the effort in our communities to implement energy efficiency improvements and renewable technologies. We are accomplishing this through:

  • Performing energy assessments and retrofits,
  • Providing weatherization services for income and age qualifying residents in our community,
  • Promoting renewable energy through community Solarize campaigns, and
  • Educating our communities about energy conservation.

LEAP’s efforts promote:

  • Cost savings and energy self-reliance for Virginia families and businesses,
  • Local economic development, and
  • Ultimately help to reduce Virginia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Here’s a list of some of the activities that your tax deductible donation can support:

  • Weatherization services in homes of individuals who are elderly or low-wealth
  • Solarize campaigns to bring down the cost of solar power technology
  • Free educational workshops about energy conservation for K-12 and college students
  • Free community awareness events on clean energy solutions
  • Policy work to help inform decision makers and grow the clean energy industries

LEAP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN: 27-1155142. Your donation of any amount ($1, $5, $20, or more) will help us continue this critical work for all Virginians.

Thank you for your support!