“It’s so easy to be influenced by every article you read. And there was no way we felt like we could afford to do everything we were reading. The LEAP expert helped us match our budget to an effective strategy, which allowed us set and reach goals we could be excited about. We were thrilled with how easy it was to do the right thing for our energy use and the environment.” — Kristin S. |"When I decided to move, having the LEAP certificate in the book my realtor put together gave me a competitive edge over houses in Belmont offered at the same price. I also felt confident that the appraiser had the information he needed to take the energy efficiency and comfort into account. It feels great to have made the house work well for the future.” — C. Brown |“Working with LEAP was a pleasure and we implemented great energy improvements throughout our 1950s house. They helped us navigate the resources and improvements we wanted that made the most energy-sense based on the home energy audit. We thoroughly enjoy the increased comfort in our house as a direct result of the measures we took. We also loved the support and comprehensiveness of the Energy Star program and the great tax benefits it provided.” — Christian D. |“I noticed a difference as soon as the insulation was completed; particularly the heat retention of the upstairs and the heat pump not running continuously. The process was seamless. I initially heard about the program from one of my own clients. Good response from LEAP and the Energy Coach was very efficient in going through my home” — Helene R. |"LEAP’s Energy Coach and his team identified a major problem right away. The sealing in our crawl space and attic was terrible, which meant that the insulation couldn’t do its job. They were great about explaining—and showing—what was happening, why, and what we could do about it, all without being pushy. The work they did finally helped make *all* our rooms comfortable and gave us lower heating and air conditioning bills to boot. LEAP was professional and objective – really a pleasure to deal with – and we’re so pleased with the results.” – Betsy F. |“This winter, we have not needed to use our extra space heater, whereas in prior winters we used it day and night. The air flow coming through the venting is significantly stronger now, not only in the bedroom but all over the house. It is quite astonishing how much better the conditioned air reaches all parts of our home now. We’ve been extremely pleased with our results and have recommended the process to countless people – in fact our neighbors just had an assessment done this week.” – Teresa R. |“Thanks to LEAP, we really do now have a home for all seasons. We enjoyed a much cooler home this summer, and already feel improvements keeping out the cold as winter begins to set in, too. Everyone involved, from start to finish — even the loan officer who helped with the PowerSaver loan at UVA Community Credit Union — was enormously helpful, patient, and thoroughly professional. You really made the whole process so easy that we’d have been crazy not to make the LEAP-supported improvements we made.” — T. Phipps