VA Sales Tax Holiday 8/5-8/7 on Energy Star + WaterSense Products

This weekend (August 5-7, 2016) is the Virginia Sales Tax Holiday, which this year combines back-to-school supplies, emergency preparedness and energy- and water-saving products. Get all the details here.

Eligible ENERGY STAR and Water Sense items include:

— Dishwashers
— Clothes washers and dryers
— Air conditioners
— Ceiling fans
— Lightbulbs
— Dehumidifiers
— Refrigerators
— Bathroom sink faucets and accessories
— Showerheads
— Toilets
— Landscape irrigation controllers
Give LEAP a call at 434.227.4666 to set up a Home Energy Check-Up to get customized recommendations on what products will save the most energy and offer the best return on investment for your home and budget. Several items from our Energize!Charlottesville shopping list are eligible.
It is the perfect time to think about energy- and water-saving products, as we continue to endure hot weather (and high cooling bills) and gear up for the winter heating season.