Uneven Temperatures in Master Bedroom

rafi-houseHome Statistics

Location: Arlington, VA
Year Built:  1958
Square Footage: 3,155
Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 3
1.5 story Single Family home with attached garage
Natural gas forced air Furnace
Projected Energy Savings: 20%

Their Story

When the Rafis spotted LEAP’s rebate offer in the Arlington County newsletter, they knew it was finally the right moment for a home energy assessment. Although they had upgraded the attic insulation and added new windows to the front of their 1950s house, they still dealt with uneven temperatures in certain rooms – most notably above the garage and in the master bedroom suite.

The assessment confirmed some of their suspicions and shed light on other problems. They knew there was poor air flow to the master bedroom, but the assessment found that the connection between the master and the main house was not tight, letting in significant air from the exterior. Since they’ve completed the weatherization, the master bedroom is particularly better.

In Their Words

“This winter, we have not needed to use our extra space heater, whereas in prior winters we used it day and night. The air flow coming through the venting is significantly stronger now, not only in the bedroom but all over the house. It is quite astonishing how much better the conditioned air reaches all parts of our home now.  We’ve been extremely pleased with our results and have recommended the process to countless people – in fact our neighbors just had an assessment done this week.” — Teresa Rafi

Basic Issues Uncovered in Home Energy Assessment

  1. No insulation installed in garage ceiling
  2. Crawlspace under master bedroom not insulated properly
  3. Significant duct leakage/poor flow to vents furthest from HVAC air handler
  4. Sufficient insulation, yet no air sealing in attic area
  5. Master bedroom kneewall insufficiently insulated

Energy Improvement Measures Implemented

  1. Duct cleaning and sealing with the Aeroseal procedure
  2. Dense packed cellulose insulation into garage ceiling
  3. Sealed exposed band/rim joists in basement
  4. Crawlspace encapsulation
  5. Lighting upgrades (completed by homeowner)


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