Sprinkle Family

Their Story

As the Sprinkles started to do some remodeling to their home to accommodate their family, they reflected on the impact humans have had on the climate and felt like they could be doing more to reduce their carbon footprint. The house was older with no upgrades, so they expected some major changes for heating and cooling. But working with a finite budget, they were eager to get recommendations on the best choices and what issues they should tackle first. They came to LEAP looking for an impartial third party to help them navigate a market where most companies claim to be “green.” With some work still on their to-do list, their house has already stayed warm this cold winter.

In Their Words

“It’s so easy to be influenced by every article you read. And there was no way we felt like we could afford to do everything we were reading. The LEAP expert helped us match our budget to an effective strategy, which allowed us set and reach goals we could be excited about.  We were thrilled with how easy it was to do the right thing for our energy use and the environment.” — Kristin Sprinkle

Basic Issues Uncovered in Home Energy Assessment

  1. Extremely low attic insulation
  2. Crawlspace is damp, poorly insulated and allowing significant air leakage
  3. Oil furnace and air conditioner are older and low efficiency
  4. Ductwork is not sealed or insulated, and one duct was disconnected
  5. Appliances and other features haven’t been updated in many years

Energy Improvement Measures Implemented

  1. Applied sprayed foam insulation to underside of roof deck
  2. Installed 10 mil vapor barrier to cover all exposed soil in crawlspace
  3. Applied sprayed foam insulation to crawlspace ceiling
  4. Replaced older oil furnace and air conditioning system with ENERGY STAR® heat pump and new sealed & insulated ductwork
  5. All new ENERGY STAR® appliances for kitchen; upgraded and added ceiling fans; electric service upgraded, and natural gas manifold installed to supply new gas range


Weatherseal Insulation

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