Solarize Success Nelson County

Why did you decide to explore your solar potential and sign up to participate in the Solarize program?

I visited an Environmental Center for a 10th grade class trip and I was so impressed. That was 40 years ago, but I remembered the solar panels and knew someday I would power my own house with solar. We installed solar panels on the barn so the animals are fully off the grid. The timing was right for the house to be powered by solar with a grid connected system.

What did you think of the Solarize process?

I was excited to get the community involved. I would like to see the world go solar and the Solarize process helped to pass on the enthusiasm.

What was your experience working with LEAP?

LEAP helped make the link with the solar contractors and educated the community by holding the workshops. They passed on a lot of great information. We also got an energy audit by LEAP. We completed the recommended items on the list. I think the most notable was the blown in insulation in the attic. This winter, the house was noticeably warmer.

What was your experience working with your installer?

Alt Energy was professional and very interested in helping us understand our solar setup. they want the world to go solar too so we shared a common goal.

Why did you ultimately decide to sign your contract?

Price with tax credit was great.

What benefits are you seeing now as a result of your brand new solar system?

There have been electric bills that are just the fee from the company – no usage cost.

Would you recommend Solarize to neighbors?

Oh yes – clean renewable energy is the way to go. No need to pollute the environment and pay large corporations.