News: Tips to save energy and money on your electric bill

As the winter months drag on, electric bills just seem to keep climbing higher. We might not be able to stop the cold weather, but we can make sure that our homes function efficiently so that we aren’t losing energy – and money!

Barbara Englehart, Northern Virginia business development and outreach manager for the Local Energy Alliance Program, came on the show to share her advice on how to save energy and reduce your electric bill during these cold winter months.

Another way to improve your home’s energy efficiency is through LEAP’s yearlong community sustainability challenge, Re-Energize Reston. As part of the 50th Anniversary of Reston’s founding year, the goal will be to perform 1,964 Home Energy Check-Ups and help Reston residents make improvements towards more comfortable, healthier, safer and better performing homes. You can learn more about the challenge and sign up for a Home Energy Check-Up at

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