News: Arlington County Board adopts energy as part of County’s comprehensive plan

Good news out of Arlington with the passage of a Community Energy Plan! We are excited to be working in partnership with Arlington County to meet their objectives. How can you do your part? You can start by making your home energy efficient with LEAP’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. You’ll save money on your energy bills, make your home a healthier, more comfortable place to live, and help your community — win, win, win!

Here is more from the Arlington County newsroom:


“The Arlington County Board today adopted the Community Energy Plan (CEP) as a new element of the County’s Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan guides development in Arlington. The Board also directed establishment of a CEP Implementation Review Committee.

In adopting the CEP, the Board underscored how energy is a critical resource to be considered in all major Arlington planning efforts, while ensuring Arlington remains an innovative, competitive, resilient, and sustainable place to live, work, and do business. The CEP addresses all major aspects of energy generation, use and distribution in Arlington between now and the year 2050 and sets ambitious, yet achievable, goals in the areas of building and transportation energy efficiency, and County Government activities.”

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