Partner Spotlight: Rebuilding Alexandria Together

LEAP is proud to partner with Rebuilding Alexandria Together in northern Virginia. We provide education on home energy efficiency for volunteers and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR certificates for the homes in their work scope that qualify.kahovka-service

Rebuilding Together Alexandria is a volunteer-based non-profit organization that serves low-income homeowners in the city of Alexandria. Since 1986, they have worked on projects for the elderly, those with disabilities, veterans, and families with children, insuring that they live in safe and healthy homes. Their services allow in-need homeowners to maintain their residences without sacrificing critical necessities, such as food or health care, for plumbing or heating that works properly. Rebuilding Together Alexandria has played an integral part in keeping vulnerable homeowners in their homes and helping low- and moderate-income individuals and families secure homeownership, strengthening their economic independence.

On the last Saturday in April every year, Rebuilding Together Alexandria participates in NationalRebuilding Day, the culmination of many months of preparation. On Saturday, April 27, Rebuilding Together Alexandria and their volunteers will, along with over 200 Rebuilding Together affiliates across the country, spend the entire day working on a large number of homes, non-profits, and community centers. Please look for Rebuilding Together Alexandria volunteers across the city on the 27th as they repair and rebuild 37 homes and non-profit buildings.