Our clean energy future starts in your own home

Andrew Grigsby, Executive Director

A message from our Executive Director, Andrew Grigsby

As federal policies on clean energy, energy efficiency and climate change regress, it will be up to states, localities, and even households to forge the way forward on addressing the causes and impacts of climate change and securing a clean energy future.

LEAP can help keep you moving forward.

According to the EPA, most electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels, and this alone accounts for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. LEAP helps you make the most out of the electricity you use so you don’t need more of it.

If you’ve thought about getting an energy assessment for your home, business, church, or other building, now’s the time to take the LEAP. Cold weather is when our infrared cameras best show you where your money and electricity are going.

We’ve partnered with the City of Charlottesville to offer residents the Home Energy Check-Up which includes infrared scans, the blower door test and some free energy-saving products (see flyer below).

Sign up and be a part of the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions starting right in your own home.

Best Regards,
Andrew Grigsby
Executive Director, LEAP

P.S. If you’ve already had the Home Energy Check-Up, thank you! Please tell your family and friends, and let us know if you would consider sharing a short “testimonial” about your experience.


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