October is National Energy Action Month: Here’s What You Can Do

5 Ways Charlottesville Area Residents Can Join National Energy Action Month in October (and National Energy Efficiency Day October 5)


$20 Home Energy Check-Ups Available Through December

#EEDay2016 Shines Light on Benefits of Energy Efficiency

Charlottesville, Virginia – October is National Energy Action Month and Wednesday, October 5 is the first National Energy Efficiency Day (#EEDay2016). For Charlottesville area residents that means 5 things:

  1. It’s the perfect time to get a Home Energy Check-Up. This slider-3program, run by Dominion Virginia Power and implemented here locally by the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP), is ending December 31. So you’ve got just two months left to have a home energy expert come to your home, give you a customized energy-saving plan and install complimentary products like energy-efficient lightbulbs and smart power strips. Just $20 in Albemarle and Charlottesville. Schedule yours now. 
  1. Energize_Charlottesville_JoinUsSupportURL_webRGBYou can Energize!Charlottesville and your home. Visit the Energize!Charlottesville website for tons of resources – including fun and educational activities for kids — to save energy and money at home and help Charlottesville compete to win the $5M Georgetown University Energy Prize.
  1. Check out energy savings at the library.Did you know you can check out a free “Kill A Watt” monitor from the local library? It’s as easy as checking out a book! Library patrons interested in lowering their residential electricity bill can now check out this plug-in device to measure whether their appliances or gadgets are excessively sucking up Energy Efficiency Kill a Watt Monitorenergy.Common household electronic devices can continue to drain energy, even when turned off, often adding 10% or more to your monthly utility bill. Find the ones in your home with a Kill A Watt Monitor. It’s a simple way to cut your energy bills right away.

The Kill A Watt Kits are available at the Jefferson Madison Regional Library (JMRL) Central Library, the City Hall Lobby, and can be requested through the JMRL interlibrary loan system.

  1. Get more out of your home improvements.We all make trips to the hardware store to fix things around the house. It’s easy and affordable to add a few items (LED lightbulbs, smart power strips, low-flow showerheads) to your list that will immediately drop your energy costs and make your home more comfortable. Check out our DIY shopping list.    energy efficiency home improvement shopping list
  1. Join your neighbors.Over the years LEAP has helped thousands of Charlottesville area homeowners make their homes more healthy and comfortable and their energy bills more affordable. They are the best champions for how home energy improvements can make a huge difference. Read their stories.