Meet Your Contractor: EDGE Energy

edge_energy_logo_wideCompany Name: EDGE EnergyCeoec

Company Location / Territories Served: We serve Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland with offices in northern Virginia and Maryland

Company Motto: Energy Saving Solutions for your Home, Business, and Neighborhood

What kind of services do you offer? EDGE Energy provides design and installation of energy efficiency solutions and renewal energy systems that include energy audits, weatherization services, solar and wind power, and geothermal systems.

What are the most common problems related to home performance that your customers experience?  The most common problem we hear requested from homeowners is how to resolve uncomfortable rooms or areas of the home that never heat or cool properly. By fixing the comfort issues, you typically knock out several other big issues simultaneously – like improving the air-quality, fixing building code issues, reducing energy bills, and/or resolving safety hazards around combustion gas appliances. It’s funny how many different things get better all at once with these homes and case studies. All homeowners really have all of these issues, they just might not know about them. In the end, the fixes are all comprehensive in nature, and fixing one issue typically solves the other issues. Hence, the hot-button that moves a client to call us doesn’t so much matter because, in the end, a truly comprehensive solution makes the home safer, healthier, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient all at once.

What is your #1 recommendation to homeowners when it comes to energy efficiency?  My #1 recommendation is that there is no #1 recommendation. The home is a complex system composed of combustion appliances and building components that were installed in wildly different ways over the years. Moreover, the quality of these installations has always varied from one crew to the next. To truly find out how to improve the home’s comfort and air quality while reducing energy bills, a comprehensive home energy audit is needed. A plan to fix these issues in a home rarely has a single silver bullet, instead building science-oriented auditors and weatherization companies need to work together to develop a comprehensive solution of air-sealing, insulation, HVAC tuning, ductwork sealing, lighting retrofits, appliances, and more. The perfect project is one that costs less to implement (aka a financing payment each month) than it saves you in energy bills each month. The new value proposition is a project that is close to net-zero in terms of cash flow instead of net-zero energy consumption.

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