Meet Your Contractor: Commonwealth Sustainability Works

CSW Logo 2012Company Name: Commonwealth Sustainability Works

Company Location / Territories Served: New location in Richmond. Most clients are in central and northern Virginia.

Company Motto: Green Building + Sustainable Communities + Strategic Planning

Involved with LEAP since: Before it was LEAP – when it started as SPARK in 2008

What kind of services do you offer? Energy efficiency and green building consulting of all kinds – including energy audits, building science training, strategic planning for communities, businesses, and NGOs, consulting and support for sustainability initiatives of all kinds

What are the most common problems related to home performance that your customers experience? Inadequate/ineffective insulation, drafts, duct leakage, poorly designed/installed HVAC equipment, difficulty getting the right advice and the right installation

What is your #1 recommendation to homeowners when it comes to energy efficiency? Get professional help! Houses are complicated. Look under the hood of a car these days. It’s like that – even with old houses. Myths and misunderstandings are rampant among consumers and (sadly) much of the industry. And the opportunities for most homes are great – to save money, increase comfort, and improve indoor air quality. But you need to start with a plan. It’s critical to have someone with experience and detailed knowledge look at the whole building and consider what is the best sequence of which improvements given your home, budget, and other considerations. Take advantage of LEAP’s contractor network and staff. Even an hour with a good building scientist could make a huge difference.

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