LEAP’s New Executive Director

LEAP’s Governance Board has unanimously approved the transition of Lesley Crowther Fore to Executive Director of LEAP. Andrew Grigsby officially stepped down as ED in order to spend more time with his family in his hometown, Richmond. Andrew will be staying with LEAP full-time while he looks to transition to a Richmond-based career.

We appreciated Andrew’s two years as ED. He has seen the organization through many changes and challenges in the past couple of years and has been a tireless and dedicated leader throughout. As a result, LEAP is well poised to grow our services and make a larger impact in the communities we serve.

Lesley’s history with LEAP began in 2010 when she was brought onboard as the fourth employee to act as Client Relations Manager. In 2015, she went to work for a locally owned business that was looking to build its leadership team. Seven months later, Lesley returned to LEAP to help Andrew in his new capacity as ED to lead the organization as Associate Director.

Lesley has been a part of the organization’s growth and adaptation through many programs, staff changes, and changing opportunities which gives her a unique, holistic perspective of the organization. LEAP’s mission to lead the effort in local communities to implement clean energy technologies; to promote cost savings, job creation, energy self-reliance, and local economic development; and to mitigate climate change is critical to me, to our community, and at this point in our political and environmental history.

Lesley has an ambitious vision for LEAP and looks forward to seeing that vision come to fruition. She is a board member of the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council and the vice chair of the City of Charlottesville’s Housing Advisory Committee.