LEAP Takes Virginia’s Lessons to Denver for ACI

We happily call central and northern Virginia our home at LEAP, but every now and again we leave the Commonwealth’s borders. This week several of us — our Executive Director Cynthia Adams, Key Accounts Manager Lesley Fore and our Central Virginia Residential Energy Manager Laura Fiori — traveled to Denver, Colorado (and we thought our spring weather was delayed!) for the Affordable Comfort, Inc or “ACI” national conference. It’s the annual conference dedicated entirely to home performance, and it’s four days packed with session after session on building fundamentals, indoor air quality, engaging customers, industry trends, partnerships and program design.berryjam.ru

And while the LEAP team has been busy checking out the most relevant sessions for our work here in Virginia, they were also there as speakers. With 1,000+ retrofits under our belt, we’ve got a ton of successes and lessons learned that our peers in other regions value.

LEAP speakers presented on the following panels:

Judging by the titles those were some pretty nitty-gritty, in-the-weeds sessions, but for nonprofits and companies across the country trying to bring energy efficiency products and services to the market this is the good stuff. The mechanics of how we create and run efficient and effective programs and partnerships are essential, and LEAP’s perspectives are an important part of the conversation.

We’re proud to have our LEAP rockstars out in Denver showcasing what we’ve been able to accomplish with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR in central and northern Virginia. And we’re excited to start incorporating the many smart and innovative ideas they pick up at ACI.