LEAP and Reston Association kick off Re-energize Reston Community Challenge

Goal of 1,964 Home Energy Check-ups in 2014 to Honor Reston’s Founding Year

Members of the Reston Association Board of Directors and staff kicked off Reston’s 50th anniversary year by being early participants in the Re-energize Reston Community Challenge.

In honor of Reston’s founding year (1964), the Re-energize Reston goal is to help 1,964 homeowners increase their home’s efficiency and preserve important environmental resources by getting a Home Energy Check-up performed by LEAP. This year-long initiative will reenergize both individual homes and the community.

Reston Association Chief Executive Officer, Cate Fulkerson, was the first to participate in the Challenge. “I was impressed by the level of professionalism and attention to detail of the LEAP Energy Coach who did our Home Energy Check-up. He shared helpful tips on how to save energy that will surely help reduce our gas and electric bills. And it feels good to do our part to keep Reston sustainable. I encourage my neighbors to join me in the Re-energize Reston Community Challenge by getting their own Home Energy Check-up.”

Board members Richard Chew, Tim Cohn, Michael Sanio and Andy Sigle have also signed up to help Reston reach its 1,964 home goal.

LEAP operates the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program in central and northern Virginia. As a Participating Contractor in Dominion Virginia Power’s Home Energy Check-up program, LEAP is  now offering a low-cost (just $45), one-hour Home Energy Check-Up in Reston. During this Check-up, homeowners receive an evaluation of their home’s energy efficiency by a LEAP Energy Coach along with the installation of energy efficient light bulbs, smart power strips, water pipe insulation and more at no additional cost.

The community of Reston will also be reenergized during this challenge, as Friends of Reston for Community Projects, Inc., will receive $10 for every Home Energy Check-Up. These funds will be used by Friends to support Reston Association’s nature education programs, tree plantings and other sustainability initiatives. When a homeowner schedules their check-up, they will need to type in Friends of Reston in the box designated for fundraisers.

For more information, see www.reenergizereston.com or contact info@leap-va.org.

January 16, 2014