Just Opened: Reston Heating + Cooling Giveaway

Beat the Summer Heat (and Winter Chill) by Winning a New Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling System in Re-energize Reston Giveaway

Reston contest feet comfortAs summer heat rolls in, Reston residents have chance to win new ENERGY STAR-rated heating and cooling system valued at $8,000 (including the system and installation) – and to stay comfortable and save money for years to come.

Sponsored by Rheem, M.E. Flow and LEAP, the Re-energize Reston Heating + Cooling Giveaway is open through August 1, 2014.

Enter the contest (and see the official rules) at www.reenergizereston.com/giveaway. (or just go straight to the scheduling tool to book your Check-up)

To enter the contest, Reston residents simply complete a $45 Home Energy Check-up* performed by LEAP by August 1.

Winning never felt so good.

A Check-up includes an evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency by one of LEAP’s Energy Coaches, installation (at no additional cost) of energy efficient products such as CFL lightbulbs, smart power strips and more – plus a checklist of additional energy and money savings measures for your home.

So you’ll be entered in the contest to potentially win a free heating and cooling system upgrade AND you’ll start saving energy and money right away whether you win the grand prize or not.

BONUS: Every Check-up in Reston is part of our Re-energize Reston Community Challenge to reach 1,964 Check-ups in 2014 to commemorate Reston’s founding and continue our sustainability progress.

THERE’S MORE! For every Check-up we donate $10 to the local nonprofit Friends of Reston to support their environmental education, tree planting and sustainability initiatives.

Check-ups usually take about an hour and have gotten rave reviews from the 1,000+ clients who have done them with LEAP already. For example…

“My wife and I very much appreciate the leadership provided by the Reston Association in generating energy awareness and cost savings through its partnership with the LEAP program.  We just completed a LEAP Home Energy Checkup, and beyond the free giveaways – energy efficient lights and smart power strips, the tips we received from the knowledgeable LEAP technician will ensure our home is comfortable, safe and cost us less to heat andcool.”  – Mike Sanio (Longwood Grove; Reston Association Board)

“I have been extremely grateful to have participated in the Home Energy Checkup; I needed a push to take care of various problems which have been and would have been even more expensive if neglected. Thank you! Your team was a pleasure to have in my home.” – Happy Check-up Client

You’ve got a chance to say things like that about your home and to win a new, ENEGY STAR rated heating and cooling system valued at $8,000. Book your Check-up today!


*The value of this package is estimated at up to $250 in goods, savings, and professional advice, but because LEAP is a Participating Contractor in the Dominion Home Energy Check-up program our price to homeowners is only $45.


About the sponsors:

M.E. Flow is a family owned and operated heating, air conditioning, and plumbing company in Northern Virginia. Providing service to Leesburg, Winchester, Ashburn, Fairfax, Prince William, Frederick, Arlington, Clark County, and the City of Alexandria–since 1951!

Respected For Reliability, Rheem is an industry leader for total heating, cooling and water heating solutions.

The Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) is a community-based nonprofit that helps homeowners in central and northern Virginia with energy efficiency solutions that mean lower energy bills, higher home values, and healthier, more comfortable homes.