Year End Giving? More than money, LEAP wants your words.

Here at LEAP, our goals are to help you save money and to help Virginia transition away from dirty energy sources. Efficiency and renewables are the smartest and cheapest long-term strategies for homes, businesses, utilities, and society as a whole.Tell your neighbor about LEAP

We always welcome a financial contribution to help us achieve these goals, but our year-end giving push this year is about something else: YOUR WORDS.

You can help us do this work – by helping yourself and your friends and family. We just want to serve more people. We want to do more energy and solar assessments – so that more Virginians gain the information they need to make the most cost-effective choices. We’ve served thousands of homes, businesses large and small, schools, churches. But there are thousands more we could help.

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There are utility rebates that can help with costs of improvements. Some local governments have tax incentives. And there still are some federal tax incentives. We’ll make sure you won’t leave any of that money on the table.

share-your-words-3Do you know anyone who needs to spend less on monthly bills?

Do you know a low-income or elderly person who might qualify for FREE efficiency upgrades?

Do you know anyone who still thinks solar doesn’t make financial sense?

Tell them to call us! We’ll find a way to help them. And this helps everyone.
to a brighter future.

Your words — to friends, neighbors, coworkers, family members — can make a big difference!

Happy Holidays,
The LEAP Team