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Home Energy Check-ups now offered in central and northern Virginia

Winter weather is coming, and that often means high energy bills. It doesn’t have to be that way, and LEAP can help.

This fall we’re offering Home Energy Check-ups performed by LEAP to get you started on the road to a lower energy bills and a healthy, comfortable, more valuable home.

house stethoscope istock oct2013A Home Energy Check-up performed by LEAP combines our Healthy and Efficient Home Evaluation with a Dominion Home Energy Check-up complete with complimentary energy-saving products so you can immediately save energy and money for just $45 (or $35 if you get your neighbors to join you).

You’ll get an evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency, the advice of one of LEAP’s Energy Coaches, energy efficient lightbulb exchanges, pipe insulation, door weatherization and more — plus a checklist of additional energy saving measures for your home. Want to proceed with additional home energy improvements? We’ve got a network of trusted contractors from which you can choose.

How do you get a Home Energy Check-up performed by LEAP?

  • Check the list of neighborhoods we currently have scheduled in central and northern Virginia and use our online scheduler to make your appointment.
  • Put your name and neighborhood on our waiting list by emailing or calling 434.227.4666.
  • Neighborhood associations, PTOs/PTAs and other community organizations are invited to participate and secure a lower cost ($35) for neighbors and members. PTOs and other community organizations can get a $10 donation for each Check-up in their area. Get the details by emailing or calling 434.227.4666.
  • Be a “Champion for Day.” Pick a day, organize at least 3 of your neighbors to get a Check-up on the same day as you, and we’ll make a special trip. Plus, your Check-up will be free. Sign up by emailing or calling 434.227.4666.

Learn more about the Check-ups. 

Lower energy bills and a cozy home can be yours this winter. Start with a Home Energy Check-up performed by LEAP.