Help LEAP build a Community Power Plant here in Virginia

Does this look like a power plant to you?

photo credit: Jack Looney

photo credit: Jack Looney

What about this?

Poncy photo small


They do to LEAP. That’s what a Community Power Plant looks like. It looks like thriving communities. Happy families. Healthy, comfortable homes. Lower energy bills. Higher home values. Strong businesses.

And we need your help to build it.

Think about it. Banding together with your neighbors in central and northern Virginia to build – not to fight – a power plant IN our backyard. Let’s do it!

LEAP is at the heart of an effort to build a Community Power Plant that will bring the community together and reap benefits for everyone. The idea is to create “negawatts” instead of megawatts — to save energy rather than produce it.

The nuts and bolts of this power plant are all the homes and businesses that reduce their energy use through LEAP’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and commercial property programs. The Community Power Plant employs your neighbors. It keeps money in building owners’ pockets and increases the likelihood it will be spent in local businesses. It lowers the need to build more power plants that will cost us more money in the long run.

It’s an ambitious vision, and as a small nonprofit based here in Charlottesville, we’ll need the support of our neighbors and partners in the community to achieve it.

Take heart that your donation will see results. In just three years, LEAP has helped with 2,000 home energy upgrades. Those have saved 13 gigawatt hours of energy – the equivalent of taking 460 homes off the grid. With your help, those numbers will keep going up and our collective energy use will keep plummeting.

LEAP-donate-now-web-button_webLearn more about our Community Power Plant initiative here or just dive right in with a donation!