Free Air Filters Offer from LEAP, FilterEasy Expires this Saturday 5/31

You’re finally breathing fresh spring air outside, but what about inside your home? Have you changed your air filters recently? It’s a critical step for our family’s health and energy bills, but it often slips our minds. We can change that.

FE free shipmentLEAP has teamed up with FilterEasy, a simple, convenient, cost-effective service that delivers filters to your home exactly when it’s time to change them at a lower cost than most hardware stores. No more hassle, no more forgetting.

Through this Saturday May 31 they are giving every LEAP client a FREE shipment (free filters and shipping). The best part? They are sponsoring LEAP by donating for every person who signs up.

Click here and use the T84B37X or call 800.308.1186. 

You’ll get a healthier home, peace of mind and a shorter to-do list.