C-Ville Weekly: See Inside ecoREMOD

by Erika Howsare, May 12th 10:50pm

Ever noticed the ecoREMOD house? Even if you said no, I bet you’ve seen it. It sits at the corner of Ridge and Cherry and looks like this:


Today, I got a tour. It’s owned by the city and just got a major renovation which turned it from the kind of house where police make seven arrests in one year (2006, to be exact) to a model of energy-efficient renovation. Now, it’s hosting the offices of LEAP and is meant to be a community space for workshops and learning about how to make houses greener.

LEAP’s planning on having open office hours on Fridays, 1-4pm, during which you can stop by and check out the very nice renovation job accomplished by designers in UVA’s ecoMOD program and general contractor Alloy Workshop….


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