Back to School: PTA/PTO Fundraisers Made Easy with LEAP Check-Ups

It’s back to school time. From the swarms of suntanned college kids resuming life in university towns to the “first day of school” photos plastered on social media feeds, there’s no escaping it. Summer is drawing to a close, and it’s back to the books.

Parents, amidst tears and sighs of relief, are also gearing up for their school responsibilities. We organize carpools, plan after-school activities, help with homework and volunteer at school — often with PTAs and PTOs. And that often means fundraising.

While LEAP (the Local Energy Alliance Program, serving central and northern Virginia) doesn’t offer tutoring or chauffeur services, we’ve got an easy way for you to bring in quick bucks for your PTA or PTO. LEAP offers a popular Home Energy Check-Up to help homeowners save energy and money at home – and when PTAs/PTOs help us promote them to their members and neighbors, we’ll donate $10 to said PTA/PTO for every Check-Up!

During the 2013-2014 school year, several PTA/PTOs raised $1,000+ simply by promoting the Check-Ups to their school and neighborhood networks.

Here is how it works: 

1. Work with us to select a few weeks on the calendar that we can “block off” for our Energy Coaches to serve your school’s neighborhoods. In central Virginia contact Jon Proffitt at, and in northern Virginia it’s Angela Hopgood at

2. Publicize the Home Energy Check-Up and dates via your networks — listservs, newsletters, flyers, meeting announcements, social media, etc. We will provide a promotional toolkit and can assist with publicity as needed, though you have the most direct line to and credibility with your audience.

3. Every client that selects your PTA/PTO in the partner drop-down menu on our online scheduler and completes their Check-Up during the allotted dates is a $10 donation. At the end of the campaign we will present a check to you.

Stony Point PTO Check

The Home Energy Check-Up promotional toolkit includes:

— Talking points about the Check-Up

— Flyer you can customize and cobrand

— Sample email/enewsletter template

— LEAP’s logo for cobranding


So….what is a Home Energy Check-Up and why would other parents want one?

With a Home Energy Check-Up* performed by LEAP you’ll get an evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency, the advice of one of LEAP’s Energy Coaches, and installation of energy efficient products such as CFL lightbulbs, smart power strips, pipe insulation, door weatherization (as appropriate for your home) and more — plus a checklist of additional energy saving measures for your home.  Your Check-Up will be scheduled in a two-hour block, though most take 90 minutes or less.

This is the quickest, easiest, most cost-effective way to get to the bottom of your home’s high energy bills and comfort issues (i.e. hot, stuffy rooms in the summer and cold, drafty rooms in the winter).

As of August 2014, LEAP has completed more than 1,700 Check-Ups in central and northern Virginia since the program kicked off less than a year ago. That’s a ton of $10 donations left on the table.

This fall, get your PTA or PTO in on the action.



*The Home Energy Check-Up is available only to Dominion Virginia Power customers. The value of this package is estimated at up to $250 in goods, savings, and professional advice, but because LEAP is a Participating Contractor in the Dominion Home Energy Check-up program our price to homeowners is only $45. Certain restrictions apply. Contact us for details. Visit to view the Terms and Conditions for the Home Energy Check-Up program. Visit to view some frequently asked questions.