A LEAP first: Auditing fraternity and sorority houses

When we were contacted by UVA’s Greener Housing Coalition (GHC) we were impressed. GHC is a University of Virginia student created and led organization dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of off-grounds housing by working alongside students, renters, property owners, and community members in the Charlottesville area. The group started with an ambitious goal to build an energy profile of off-grounds housing by the end of the summer, and then move on to identify and address the areas of greatest concern.

GHC started with the biggies — fraternity, sorority, and larger clubhouses which often house 20 or more students. We had never audited a fraternity or sorority house before but we were all in.

Kendall Colenbaugh (Third Year) served as a GHC intern and is an Omega Chi member who lives in the sorority house. She was interested in partnering with LEAP for an audit because of the potential impact energy upgrades in just one Greek house can have. “UVA has set strong sustainability goals, but none of them extend to the properties directly off grounds. It is hard for students with little to no income to make these sustainable changes on their own, which is why we hope the Greener Housing Coalition can help expedite the process,” said Kendall.

Learn more about the Greener Housing Coalition and their efforts for more efficient off grounds student housing HERE.

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