Power to the People

The recent decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement does not reflect what’s happening right here in Charlottesville and communities across the country.

On May 25th, LEAP was proud to host a gathering of more than 800 of our Charlottesville area neighbors at The Paramount for a climate change event. Our guests met with local organizations that offered climate solutions, watched National Geographic’s climate change documentary, Before the Flood, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, and asked questions from a panel of experts.

If you missed seeing Before the Flood, National Geographic is providing a free streaming of the documentary this week.

Each of our sponsoring organizations gave Climate Action Tips that we compiled and gave to our guests. Please read and share them with others.

After watching the effects of climate change all over the world and seeing possible solutions in Before the Flood, we learned even more from our panel of experts.

Dr. Astrid Caldas, a climate scientist from the Union of Concerned Scientists, urges us to seek nongovernmental organizations to pick up the torch when our federal government won’t.

Will Cleveland from the Southern Environmental Law Center advises us to speak up and “let legislators, both state and federal, know that clean energy and climate are vote-deciding issues.”

Dr. Patrick Taylor, a climate scientist from NASA Langley, showed us that the Antarctic is melting at a faster rate than anticipated. But he still challenges us to get the word out about climate change by telling our friends what we are doing to combat it.

Andrew Grigsby from LEAP advises individuals to start in their homes by getting a home energy assessment to reduce your home’s use of fossil fuels or to simply ask LEAP when you have a question about your home’s efficiency.

Our partnering organizations, listed within the Climate Action Tips, offer solutions that each of us can start to implement. Find out more about these organizations and get involved.

Together as individuals and with our local government, organizations, and businesses, we can continue to do more to fight climate change and to implement solutions.

Thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible.