LEAP Bestows Inaugural Awards on Local Contractors

Charlottesville, VA – A handful of local contractors have been crowned the best-of-the-best by the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) for their efforts to bring Central Virginia homeowners health, comfort and cost savings through home energy efficiency. Now well into the second year, LEAP’s network of 30+ certified contractors have provided home energy upgrades to more than 200 homeowners in Charlottesville, Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa and Nelson. The awards were announced at a celebration at LEAP’s offices Thursday night.

And the winners are:

Creative Collaborators (Best Team Collaboration): Comfort Source, Johnson Custom Windows and Doors, Key Green Energy Solutions, and WeatherSeal.
The team utilized creative solutions and addressed health and safety concerns at Margie Garmey’s home.

Ruler of the Retrofits (Best Home Performance Contractor): Abrahamse and Company
Recognized via client feedback and quality assurance reviews as the best home performance contractor.

Blower Door Boss (Best Auditor): Laura Fiori and Wilson Ratliff, Key Green Energy Solutions
Have completed more than 125 of the home energy assessments in LEAP’s program and consistently score highest in client surveys.

Thermal Rock Stars (Best Insulation Company): WeatherSeal
Has installed insulation in over half of the houses that have come through LEAP’s program, has consistently high-customer service.

Comfort Kings (Best HVAC Contractor): Albemarle Heating & Air
Has the performed the highest volume of HVAC work in LEAP’s programs at a very professional level.

Rising Star: Johnson Custom Windows and Doors
Has grown its business from insulation, windows and doors to being a full Home Performance Contractor.

Climate Control Craftsman (Best Remodel Combined with Energy Efficiency): Peter Johnson Builders
Devoted to finding all of opportunities to make a home more energy efficient while performing a custom remodel.

Beck Cohen was also recognized for bringing in 11 new jobs in their first 8 weeks as a LEAP certified contractor. Alloy Workshop was honored for their work retrofitting the ecoREMOD house, which currently serves as LEAP offices; it was not eligible for an award as it was not a LEAP job.

LEAP offers instant cash rebates, low-interest financing and quality assurance to homeowners who work with LEAP Certified Contractors on home improvements that achieve at least 15% energy savings. Contractors must apply to be part of the LEAP program and attend ongoing meetings and trainings. For a full list of LEAP Certified Contractors, visit http://leap-va.org/about/contractors.



“We wanted to honor those contractors who have truly excelled at giving homeowners the health, comfort and cost savings benefits they expect with the LEAP program,” said Cynthia Adams, LEAP’s Executive Director. “Together this network of 30-plus contractors has helped us establish a thriving market for home energy improvements that helps homeowners, their businesses and our local economy.”

The winners were selected by LEAP staff based on the quantity and quality of jobs completed in 2010-2011.