News: ‘Boring’ energy efficiency is biggest C02 cutting tool

Energy efficiency is the best tool for cutting greenhouse gases and must shed its “boring” image to stimulate spending, the International Energy Agency said.

More than 40 percent of the emissions cuts needed to contain greenhouse gases to safe levels come from measures such as insulation and vehicle and appliance standards, compared with 21 percent from renewables and 8 percent from nuclear power, Philippe Benoit, the agency’s head of energy efficiency, said today in an interview in Bonn, Germany. People need to change their mindset about adopting the measures, he said.

“It’s perceived as boring and intangible, and the combination of the two makes it more difficult to understand,” Benoit said. “It’s much easier for people to understand putting solar panels on their roof and seeing the kilowatt-hours they generate than putting insulation in their home and noting the savings in energy consumption.”

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