Preferred Contractors

The following participating contractors in have been thoroughly vetted by LEAP to ensure their workmanship and business practices meet the highest standards in the industry. They are pre-qualified for our residential programs and have signed a contract for services which stipulates the insurances they are required to carry, customer service expectations, and references.

Central Virginia

Insulation, Air Sealing, and Weatherization

• Creative Conservation

• Weatherseal Insulation

Heating & Cooling

• Airflow Systems, Inc.

• Albemarle Heating & Air

• Beck Cohen

• Comfort Source

• Duct-Rite Mechanical

Mack Morris Heating & AC

Robertson Electric

General Contractors

Johnson Custom Windows and Doors
540-414-5982 or

Robertson Renovations



Sigora Solar

Sun Day Solar

Northern Virginia

Home Energy Medics

McCrea Heating & Air

The Fifth Fuel

Home Energy Detective