News: Congratulations to Arlington Energy Masters for the Washingtonian Green Giant award

We just heard the good word from our friends at Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment (ACE) and wanted to share it here…(this is an excerpt — you can read the full story on the ACE website)

And note that the Energy Masters program is accepting volunteer applications with a priority deadline of July 31. Learn more here. 

“Wonderful news! ACE is pleased to share that the Arlington Energy Masters, the corps of volunteers who make energy and water saving improvements in affordable housing units in Arlington, has been selected as one of winners of  Washingtonian magazine’s Green Giant award. The Green Giant award recognizes ‘those who protect our environment and who teach others the importance of eco-friendly living.’

The Energy Masters program was started in 2011 by Virginia Cooperative Extension, Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment, and Arlingtonians Meetings Emergency Needs. Volunteers are trained with comprehensive energy efficiency training and subsequently utilize their knowledge to perform weatherization and retrofits of apartments units, as well as educational outreach for residents in affordable public housing units and complexes. Taught by certified industry professionals, the training program covers building science principles, ways to improve energy efficiency, and water conservation techniques.”