Three Local Contracting Companies Selected to Implement LEAP’s Commercial Energy Improvement Program

Commercial Property Owners Can Now Access Rebates,
Local Resources to Improve Building Efficiency
Contact: Annie Suttle, 434.249.9817

Charlottesville, Virginia – Three local contracting companies have been selected to provide energy assessments and building improvements to commercial property owners as part of the Local Energy Alliance Program’s (LEAP) new commercial program. The companies – Albemarle Heating and Air, Alexander Nicholson (with 2rw), and ColonialWebb – were selected in a competitive Request for Qualifications process and bring to the table a range of energy services and general contracting experience.

Commercial property owners who want to engage these contractors and take advantage of LEAP’s Commercial Energy Improvement Rebate of up to $25,000 should visit or email

“This is the best time for commercial property owners to take control of their energy use, access local contractors and rebates, reign in waste and cut costs,” said Cynthia Adams, Executive Director of the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP). “We’re proud to partner with these three esteemed contractors to help property owners make the smart investments to advance energy and cost savings.”

All of the firms selected have engineers on staff or as part of their team to perform cost effective energy assessments for commercial buildings – regardless of the size or complexity of those buildings. They can also offer retro-commissioning services (making sure the building’s systems are actually performing as intended to) and fix them if they are not. If a building owner is interested in having a walk through assessment done of their building, these companies will also provide that.

LEAP will facilitate the process by helping building owners or occupants benchmark the building’s energy use so they have a sense of the opportunity for energy improvements and payback potential on their investment.

For re-purposed residential housing under 10,000 sf – such as a law office in a converted home – building owners can choose to work with a BPI Certified Building Analyst from LEAP’s pre-qualified Certified Contractor list for the energy assessment. They may also work with the latter for the energy improvements.

If a building owner has already gone through an RFP process and is ready to begin work with another contractor, they may still be eligible for LEAP’s Commercial Energy Improvement Rebate if their retrofit meets our standards and criteria. Interested parties should contact

From the Contractors:

“We at Albemarle Heating & Air are honored to be selected by LEAP to participate in this Commercial Energy Improvement Program. We look forward to working with commercial customers to obtain rebates from LEAP in addition to the other savings they will realize when reducing energy consumption in their facilities.” – Guy Moffat, Albemarle Heating & Air

“Alexander Nicholson has been building energy efficient structures for over 30 years.  We have exceptional experience over a broad range of building types and sizes.  Our partnership with 2rw, a leading MEP design firm that specializes in energy assessment and design services, will provide property owners with practical solutions to their energy needs.” — Dan Fagan, Alexander Nicholson

“ColonialWebb is looking forward to helping LEAP expand the successes of its residential energy efficiency program to the commercial building sector. LEAP’s financial incentives will enhance the cost effectiveness of local businesses’ energy conservation efforts while improving awareness in the community. Our Green Energy Solutions Team uniquely integrates turnkey mechanical, electrical and building system solutions with environmental and economic analyses to help owners make informed decisions and reduce the life cycle operating cost of buildings.” – Ray Battani, ColonialWebb

Key Facts About LEAP’s New Commercial Energy Improvement Rebate:

• To qualify, a retrofit project must be projected to improve the building’s energy use by a minimum of 15% as documented by modeled or deemed energy savings.

• Energy improvement measures may include commissioning, air sealing, insulation, HVAC upgrades, lighting improvements and more.

• At the conclusion of the project, LEAP will reimburse property owners for 25% of the first $10,000 value of individual retrofit projects and 15% for the next $150,000 project value (both net of utility subsidy).

• The maximum allowable amount will be $25,000 or $1.50 per square foot.

• The cost of the energy assessment will be considered as part of the total project value, and therefore a portion of it will be rebated as well at the project’s completion.

• Rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis as they are funded through grant dollars.