Students Learn About Energy Efficiency and Conservation

The success of our clean energy future depends upon education. To do our part, LEAP staff have been giving presentations on energy efficiency and conservation to our youngest learners.

This past month, we were honored to work with the Girl Scouts, students from Goochland High School, and 5th graders from Peabody School. These learners will be able to take their knowledge and apply it at home and in their future lives. We are proud of their hard work and impressed by their curiosity and commitment to a clean energy future.

Girl Scouts of America

On September 26th, we meet with a group of Girl Scouts at Gordon Avenue Library. The students had been learning how to save energy and were interested in learning more about how an Energy Auditor finds problems in the home. They had a lot of questions and were very enthusiastic. At the end of our presentation, each Girl Scout wrote a pledge to change one behavior that would help save energy.

Girl Scouts learning about an energy audit

Students from Goochland High School

On October 10th, students from Goochland High School visited LEAP’s Energy House for CBIC Tech Tour 2017. Students spent an hour learning about what an Energy Auditor does and then got some hands-on experience taking measures with some of our diagnostic tools.

Students are learning about the individual tools that an Energy Auditor uses to diagnose problems in the home

Students measured the amount of airflow coming from vents, took infrared scans of the walls and windows, and used the electricity usage monitor to see how much energy devices use. Afterwards, they took a tour of the Energy House and saw some of the energy retrofits for themselves.

5th Grade Students at Peabody School

On October 13th, LEAP launched our year long partnership with 5th graders at Peabody School. These students are learning about energy efficiency and are conducting their own energy assessment of the school.

Students use the infrared camera to see their teacher

The students also did some hands-on activities where they saw a comparison of the amount of energy used for standard light bulbs, CFLs, and LEDs. Afterwards, they saw how the electricity usage monitor worked and looked at the amount of energy used to charge a phone, power a lamp, and power a pencil sharper. Finally, they saw how the infrared camera works at finding insulation issues and got to see their teacher in infrared.

The students’ teacher in infrared

Are you a teacher and want us to give an educational presentation to your classroom? We’re happy to customize our presentation and content to your classroom environment. Contact us at 434-227-4666 or email to find out more.