“Solarize NOVA” Kicks Off in Leesburg and Loudoun County

Fall Deals for Homeowners to Add Rooftop Solar at Reduced Costs

September 24, 2014 — Starting today and through November 30, solar power for homes will be easier and more affordable than ever thanks to Solarize NOVA, a new program that offers bulk purchasing discounts and free solar site assessments to homeowners in select communities in Northern Virginia. The program kicks off in Leesburg and Loudoun County as a limited-time, one-stop-shop for community members to learn more about solar power options for their homes and facilitate the installation and financing of their own project.

The Leesburg Town Council approved support of the program at a meeting Tuesday night.

This grassroots, community-based outreach initiative is sponsored by the Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC) in partnership with the Local Energy Alliance Program. Leesburg and Loudoun County homeowners will be reminded throughout the fall that “Our clean energy future starts with your roof.”

Solarize NOVA will expand to other communities in the region in the coming months.

Visit www.solarizenova.org for more information.

Key Points

·      Easy. Homeowners in Leesburg and Loudoun County can get started with a simple online application, take advantage of a free home energy check up and solar site assessment, and have until November 30 to sign a contract and lock in the discounts.

·      Affordable. The foundation of Solarize NOVA is community participation. When a community decides to rally behind solar, local installers are able to lower their prices. This is a result of bulk purchasing, offset marketing expenses, reduced travel expenses, and the guarantee that solar installation crews will be kept busy.

·      Discounts. The local contractors taking part in Solarize NOVA for Leesburg and Loudoun County are: Solar Odyssey out of Purcellville, VA; GreenBrilliance out of Sterling, VA; and Prospect Solar out of Sterling, VA. They will be offering prices at roughly a 15-20% discount from current market prices.

·      More Savings.  In addition to Solarize NOVA discounts, LEAP will help participants access a 30% federal tax credit and navigate the Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) market.

·      Best Deal. A small 4kW system that might cost $16,000 normally will be reduced to $12,800 or $8,960 after the tax credit.

·      Smart. The cost of solar panels has dropped 60% since 2011 according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. Meanwhile the Energy Information Administration projects a 2% annual rise in residential energy rates for the Mid-Atlantic. Now is the time to lock in low electricity rates with solar.

·      Proven. Similar programs have met with success in Blacksburg, Richmond, Roanoke and Charlottesville – where a recent program attracted more than 900 applications.


Quotes from Solarize NOVA Partners

Hon. Penny Gross, Chairman, Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC)

“Northern Virginia has been and is our Commonwealth’s “Innovation Region”. Solarize NOVA is an innovative program to help make renewable energy more accessible to our citizens and business community. I am delighted we are able to pilot this program with our neighbors in Leesburg and move it forward to all of Northern Virginia.”

Cynthia Adams, Executive Director, Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP)

“With Solarize NOVA we’re bringing a successful and widely popular program to Northern Virginia, starting with Leesburg and Loudoun County. For a limited time, you can score an unprecedented deal on solar power for your home. By adding solar to your home’s energy mix, you can lock in savings and make your roof part of our clean energy future.”

G. Mark Gibb, Executive Director, Northern Virginia Regional Commisson (NVRC)

“Solarize NOVA is part of a 1,000 rooftop challenge in Northern Virginia. In 2011, the NVRC adopted a regional energy strategy that calls for NVRC to help facilitate aggregated procurement of renewable energy technologies. This program helps bring reduced cost solar systems to our residents and business community utilizing local installers and American-made products. A win-win for all.”