News: Keep an eye on Virginia – group positions to transform energy efficiency market

It’s my home state so I’ll admit it, Virginia is no Massachusetts* when it comes to energy efficiency. The southeast state ranked a lowly 36 in the 2013 scorecard by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

But change is afoot here, as evidenced by the first-ever energy efficiency census report released today by the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council.

“We’re not as sexy as solar or wind turbines or as well recognized as power plants, but this report confirms that energy efficiency is a critical part of the Commonwealth’s energy mix,” said Bill Greenleaf, a member of the VAEEC governance board.

This the first-time Virginia’s energy efficiency industry has spoken in one voice to influence state policy and law. The report documents the role energy efficiency plays in Virginia’s economy, and proposes a path to avert at least some of the new power plants likely to be built here. Virginia will need more than 7,000 MW of new electricity capacity by 2020, the equivalent of 3 ½ North Anna nuclear plants.

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