Milestone Alert: LEAP Hits 1,000 Home Energy Check-up Mark!

E Zelle 1000th checkup (640x480)Wow. Elizabeth Zelle of Arlington sure looks happy, doesn’t she?

She should be, and not just because of her precious daughter. Zelle just had a Home Energy Check-up performed by LEAP and, in doing so, helped us celebrate a huge milestone. In just six short months, LEAP has performed 1,000 Home Energy Check-ups in central and northern Virginia.

And Zelle echoes the sentiments of many of those 1,000: “This is such an informative service. Someone who knows what they are doing comes to your home to help you. Everyone should do this.”

It’s true. When you book a Home Energy Check-up with our simple online scheduler, we send one of our rock star Energy Coaches out to your house. They’ll do a walk-through evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency potential, install energy saving products like CFL light bulbs, smart power strips, pipe insulation and more as need for your home.

For $45 that’s a bargain. This would normally be about a $250 in goods, savings and professional advice but because LEAP is a Participating Contractor in the Dominion Virginia Power Home Energy Check-up program we can offer you this deal.

We hear rave reviews from our 1,000 Check-up clients all the time, including this one we saw on Facebook the other day: “Shayne Sander visited us today and we are so excited to implement his suggestions and start saving money on utility bills. I thought it would be the usual stuff, but it wasn’t. He pointed out things we had never heard about before.”

Shayne is one of our Energy Coaches, along with Michael Hogan (Zelle’s Energy Coach) and Corey Hatcher in northern Virginia and in central Virginia by Guy CaroselliChris Crehan and John Dolan.

Invite one of them over to your house for a Home Energy Check-up today!