Midway Manor Apartment Complex Undergoes Energy Retrofit

CFL Bulb Exchange Today Part of “Green Team” Efforts to Engage Residentsfocuz

Charlottesville, Virginia – Residents at the 98-unit Midway Manor apartment complex in downtown Charlottesville took part in a “CFL Bulb Exchange” today, part of an ongoing education program after the property’s $500,000 energy efficiency upgrade. Residents had the opportunity to exchange one old incandescent bulb for a free, new, energy efficient CFL bulb, and they received information about reducing plug loads in their homes.

The complex’s retrofit was part of the Department of Energy’s Weatherization Innovation Pilot Program (WIPP) administered by the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP), which provided $160,000 in financial incentives for the project. The retrofit was completed in May.

“The Midway Manor project is a great example of one way to democratize the goals of the City toward greater energy and water efficiency, healthy homes, and affordability,” said Charlottesville City Councilwoman Dede Smith who attended the event. “Too often this kind of retrofit for energy and water efficiency has been available only to those with expendable financial resources.  We need more of this kind of collaboration between the owners of low-income housing and rental markets with LEAP to bring these resources to those in our community who need it most.”

“Our office is just down the street from Midway Manor, so it was our pleasure to help our neighbors secure more efficient, affordable and comfortable places to live,” said Cynthia Adams, LEAP’s Executive Director. “This was an incredible team effort that underscores the promise of energy efficiency for both renters and property owners and for folks at all income levels. We are thankful to the City for making opportunities like this possible, especially for those who need it most.”

Part of WIPP is a strong tenant education program to help renters maximize their energy savings and comfort from the work performed on their home, coordinated by Greenroots Strategies, Inc.; it is delivered primarily to a select “Green Team” of residents who then pass the education on to their neighbors.

“Residents at Midway Manor are learning not only to save money and energy, but that conservation can be fun!  Our Green Team Resident Advisors are having a great time becoming ‘Energy Experts’ and sharing their knowledge with neighbors and friends,” said Karen Waters-Wicks, Energy Conservation Educator with GreenRoots Strategies.

About the project:

Midway Manor Apartments is a HUD-certified Section 8 property with 98 units (photo attached).  Built in 1981, this 5-story complex in the heart of downtown Charlottesville recently underwent a comprehensive energy-retrofit that included new energy efficient refrigerators, new air conditioners, and new low-flow water fixtures.  This $500,000 project was partially subsidized by the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) through a grant from the Department of Energy under the Weatherization Innovation Pilot Program (WIPP).  LEAP’s WIPP grant will enable Section 8 property owners to retrofit over 700 units during 2013 after working with more than 100 units in 2012.

Other partners include: W.H.H. Trice and Company (property managers); Bush Construction Company (general contractor); Midway Manor Associates (property owner); Abacus Property Solutions (owner’s representative); and EFI Global (energy auditors).

The CFL bulbs for today’s exchange were provided at discount by Batteries Plus.