Daily Progress: Event highlights ‘green’ business efforts and products

Published: May 14, 2011

Families and eco-friendly businesses gathered at Snow’s Garden Center Saturday for the first annual “Cville Go Green Fest.”

Attendees snacked on hot dogs and snow cones as they navigated a parking lot filled with tents and tables manned by vendors pitching their green wares. While parents got tips on attic insulation, children hopped around in a moon bounce shaped like a dog.

Corbin Snow, the fourth-generation operator of Snow’s Garden Center, said the event is intended to raise awareness and provide an opportunity to “kick back and enjoy the Earth.”

The Local Energy Alliance Program offered a list of the top 10 signs a home isn’t as green as it could be.

According to LEAP, stink bugs are a telltale sign of a non-green home. If they can get in, air can get out.

Annie Suttle, LEAP’s marketing and outreach director, said the event provided another opportunity for the group to teach people how to make their homes more energy efficient.

“We wanted to reach out to folks who are trying to figure out simple ways to go green,” said Suttle.

Charles Hendricks of The Gaines Group architectural design firm explained projects in which he saved clients money on energy costs by using green building techniques.

“It’s often seen as a political issue. It’s often seen as expensive,” Hendricks said. “It’s neither of those. It’s common sense and it saves you money.”

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