The Sandner House: An Energy Coach Walks the Talk

Shayne and Suzy Sandner
Hamilton, VirginiaSandner home

Year Built:  1974
Square Footage: 2200
Bedrooms: 5
Baths: 3

Split Level Colonial
Heat Pump

Projected Energy Savings: 40%

Their Story

As one of LEAP’s expert Energy Coaches, Shayne knows the drill when it comes to identifying home energy issues and pinpointing the solutions to save energy and money and live more comfortably. Thus, he knew that the drafty winters and stuffy summers his family suffered through could be fixed.  He got started with a Home Energy Check-Up and kept going. His to-do list included: changing out the lighting, converting to low flow toilets, faucets and showerheads, air sealing the attic, sealing my ducts and many tubes of caulk used on the interior, and adding insulation. His average utility bills have dropped from about $500 to $250. Now he talks AND walks the talk.

If you’d like to have Shayne take a look at your house, schedule a Home Energy Check-up performed by LEAP today. 

“When I talk to LEAP clients about the things they can do to tackle their high energy bills or comfort issues, I share with them the experience of our home. It’s been a journey for us just like I see for so many others, and the rewards are great.”

Basic Issues Uncovered in Home Energy Assessment

1. Low insulation

2. Leaky envelope

3. Non-continuous Thermal Envelope

4. Leaky duct system

5. Ventilated cantilever

6. 1982 Seer 8 heat pump


Energy Improvement Measures Implemented

1. Attic air sealing  and interior caulking

2. Attic Insulation –R-49

3. Sealed duct system (Aeroseal)

4. Air sealed and insulated cantilever

5. Installed low flow shower heads, toilets and aerators

6. Seer 16 Heat pump installed

7. Replaced incandescent lighting with CFLs and LEDs