The Morgan Home

The Morgan Family
Arlington, Virginia

Year Built:  1982morgan home nova small
Square Footage:  1,584
Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 3.5
Two story Town home (+ basement)
Heat Pump

Projected Energy Savings

Their Story

Nancy and Bob Morgan moved into their Arlington town home 15 years ago, and their recent home energy upgrades reflect their concern about climate change and how to reduce their own carbon footprint. In fact, Bob teaches a climate change adult education course and first learned about LEAP from one of his students. They arranged for a home energy assessment to pinpoint how they could be more efficient, improve air quality, and distribute the temperature more evenly among the three floors. Just months after the work was finished (summer 2013) they were already seeing lower energy bills and a more comfortable home.

“We are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and it turns out one of the most meaningful ways to do that was in our own home. And along with the lower energy bills, it’s a bonus that the temperatures and air quality in the house seem more comfortable. LEAP and our contractor Home Performance Solutions made the road to a greener, more efficient home easy and smooth. They let us know about available rebates, did quality assurance checks and were very professional.” — Bob Morgan, homeowner

Basic Issues Uncovered in Home Energy Assessment

1. Losing a great a great deal of energy through the roof (common in town homes)

2.  Attic hatch was inadequate

3. Duct system was very leaky

4. Exterior walls in the basement needed to be sealed and insulated properly


Energy Improvement Measures Implemented

1. Sealed top plates and all other penetrations to the attic floor using spray foam insulation

2. Air sealed accessible air leaks and thermal bypasses, including: service penetrations through walls, ceilings and floors for pipes, wires, and ducts

3. Installed stops at the eave areas

4. Installed 2 layers Thermax board to access panel and weather-strip

5. Installed loose cellulose over existing R28 insulation to achieve a R49

6. Aeroseal® duct system leaks to improve airflow within the home



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