Simmers/Hommel Home: Charlottesville

Mary Simmers and Christina Hommel
Charlottesville, Virginia

Square Footage: 1,432
Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 1
1.5 Story Home
Natural Gas Furnace

Projected Energy Savings

Their Story

The second floor of the home was poorly insulated and not served by the home’s heating & cooling equipment making it very uncomfortable.  The homeowners avoided using it.  They wanted to make upgrades to fully use this area of their home as their family grows.  In the project, they also included a beautiful deck and screened porch to enhance the use of their beautiful backyard.

Basic Issues Uncovered in Home Energy Assessment

  • Eave attics and top attic are poorly sealed and insulated
  • Sill plate in basement is raised allowing air leakage into basement
  • Basement ceiling insulation is poorly installed
  • There are general air sealing opportunities
  • Three exterior doors are original and fit poorly
  • Return duct located in floor is collecting dust reducing indoor air quality

Energy Improvement Measures Implemented

  • Applied spray foam insulation to underside of roof deck in eave attics
  • Increased depth of blown cellulose insulation in top attic
  • Applied sprayed foam insulation to band joist and sealed sill plate
  • Added R-19 plastic enclosed fiberglass batts to replace poorly installed insulation in  basement ceiling
  • At bay window, insulated roof  or bay and beneath bay window
  • Replaced two windows with Energy Star windows
  • Replaced two doors with Energy Star doors
  • Upgraded exhaust fan vent caps
  • Added an Energy Star heat pump for second floor



Lithic Construction