The Harris Family

HarrisThe Harris Family
Alexandria, VA

Year Built: 1954
Square Footage: 2,386
Bedrooms: 4
Bath: 3.5

Center Hall Colonial

Projected Energy Savings: 30%

Their Story:

“We heard about the LEAP Home Energy Check-Up offer at the DelRay Business Association meeting and decided that after 31 years in the house that we should take advantage of the offer. We were noticing significant increases in our electric and gas bills over the years that were caused more by usage than rate increases. In just four months, we can already tell the difference — the house feels more comfortable and the usage is declining. Our HVAC guy was here in October to do the winter cleaning of our system. He was very impressed by the work in the attic — he thought it was a first-rate job, very thorough.”

Basic Issues Uncovered:

  • The home was experiencing twice as many air changes as recommended, resulting in a drafty home
  • Crawlspace had an ineffective vapor barrier
  • Floor insulation falling down
  • Deteriorating attic insulation

Home Energy Improvement Measures Implemented:

  • Air sealing and insulation in attic along with a floor to accommodate the HVAC and storage
  • Install attic tent over pull-down stairs
  • Crawlspace and wall insulation
  • Install durable vapor barrier
  • Added smart power strips and CFL lightbulbs


LEAP’s in-house Project Management team was the general contractor

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