Leroux Home: LEAP Staff Walk the Talk and Feel the Benefits

The Leroux Family
Charlottesville, VA (Hollymead)

Year Built:  1982

Square Footage: 2,200

Bedrooms: 3

Baths: 2

Two story colonial with walk out basement and elevated master bedroom addition on the backside.

1995 11SEER Electric heat pump with air handler located in the basement and a majority of duct work in unconditioned attic.

Projected Energy Savings: 30% overall

Actual Energy Savings to Date: 47%


Their Story

Homeowners had struggled for 3 and half years with high energy bills and lack of comfort till becoming aware of the benefits of treating the house as a system and participating in the Home Performance with Energy Star program that LEAP sponsors.

In Their Own Words 


“When I started with LEAP in October of 2012, one of the first things I did was have a LEAP Energy Coach come out to my house and do a full energy assessment – which was a real eye-opener.  We used part of our 2012 tax refund to have contractors air seal the home, add insulation, and put in a state-of-the-art ENERGY STAR heat pump.  We’ve been saving on average 40% since then. To put these numbers in perspective, my family spent $4516.80 on our electricity in 2012.  If that savings holds, we’re on track to save better than $1800 this year alone.  Our house is so much more comfortable that we sold our supplemental air conditioners that we used to keep the 2nd floor cool.  More importantly to me, our home is much healthier – our ducts were so nasty. On top of all that, we refinanced our mortgage, and our appraiser told us our house was worth a lot more due to the energy upgrades we did.  All in all, this has been a huge win for the Leroux family and the experience has given me great confidence in the work we’re doing at LEAP!” – Tim Leroux, LEAP’s Director of Operations

Basic Issues Uncovered in Home Energy Assessment

1. Comfort issues and high bills and education driving assessment request.

2. Duct work in basement disconnected, runs in unconditioned attic constructed out of duct board, leaky and poorly configured.

3. Blower door revealed house twice as leaky as it needed to be.

4. Distribution system lacked balance and return capacity undersized.

5. Basement walk out wall, bay units, fireplaces contributing to heat bleed.


Energy Improvement Measures Implemented

1. Installed Trane 3 ton 18 SEER heat pump with Touchstat thermostat.

2. All accessible duct work replaced, sealed and insulated, then return capacity enlarged and balancing dampers installed.

3. Entire attic conditioned with 4-6” of open celled foam and covered with fire proof covering.

4. Basement wall and rim joist air sealed and insulated.

5. Addressed front door and other leakage sites around the home.