Forinash Home: Fixing a House Even After a Remodel

The Forinash Home
Arlington, Virginia

Year Built:  1927 (original); 2002 addition
Square Footage:  2500
Bedrooms:  4
Baths:  3

Two story detached
Gas boiler/radiators

Projected Energy Savings: 20%

Actual Energy Savings: 40%+

Their Story

“When we bought an old house—even one that had been updated over the years—we expected it to be a bit leaky and creaky. We thought we had solved those problems when we put on an addition that included new windows and new siding for the whole house, and re-insulation of the attic and the entire shell. We were frustrated to find that we still had uneven heating and cooling. Our son’s bedroom got boiling hot in the summer and never quite warm in the winter, and our family room in the addition had the same problem.

LEAP’s Energy Coach Shayne and his team identified a major problem right away. The sealing in our crawl space and attic was terrible, which meant that the insulation couldn’t do its job. They were great about explaining—and showing—what was happening, why, and what we could do about it, all without being pushy. The work they did finally helped make *all* our rooms comfortable and gave us lower heating and air conditioning bills to boot.  They gave us tons of other helpful advice about smaller things (more efficient light bulbs, maintenance and filter changes for the air condition system, etc.) that are also reducing our energy use and costs. LEAP was professional and objective – really a pleasure to deal with – and we’re so pleased with the results.” — Betsy Forinash

Basic Issues

  • Leaky old house
  • Poor sealing reduced efficiency of existing insulation
  • Measured Air changes a day: 19.5
  • Combustion Appliance Zone Results: Water Heater spilled under worst case testing
  • Asbestos in attic

Home Energy Improvements

  • Removal of Vermiculite from the attic
  • New attic insulation and air sealing in attic
  • Encapsulation of crawl space under addition
  • Replaced the aging gas water heater