Eileen Janas

Success Story - eileen janas 052714.2 (857x1280)Eileen Janas
Arlington, Virginia

Year Built:  1950
Square Footage:  1,239
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 2
Ranch Style Home
Newer Gas Furnace

Projected Energy Savings

Her Story

Eileen Janas knew that she had issues with asbestos on her attic ductwork, and the longer she waited to address it the longer she dealt with the health and comfort implications. After a home assessment, she had a better understanding of the many interrelated issues including attic and crawl space air sealing and insulation. She was drawn to LEAP for the quality assurance — knowing that she could trust the contractor and that a third-party would back up their work. Her first winter with the home energy improvements (2014, the “winter that wouldn’t quit”) she saw 25% energy savings and enjoyed a more comfortable home. She also noted that the snow stayed on her roof longer than on the roofs of all of her neighbors — a clear sign that she wasn’t losing much heat from the house.

In Her Words

“The contractor was punctual and thorough, the work led to significant energy savings, and I would say I’m much more aware of energy conservation now and the role my home plays.” — Eileen Janas

Basic Issues Uncovered in Home Energy Assessment

  • Major leakage areas : attic hatch, crawl space and exterior doors, plumbing penetrations, electrical outlets, area around heating registers, and fireplace damper
  • Metal ductwork not sealed, and asbestos on ductwork needed abatement
  • Poorly insulated crawl space
  • Possible mold in the crawl space

Energy Improvement Measures Implemented

  • Sealed exterior and interior wall top plates and other penetrations using two-part spray foam.
  • Blew attic with cellulose to R-49
  • Removed existing trunk insulation. Applied two part spray foam to insulate and seal trunks
  • Mound insulation over trunk and branch ducts with cellulose as able when cellulose was added to the floor area.
  • Sealed with two part spray foam to stop air infiltration/ex-filtration.
  • Installed high R-value foam board and gasket to eliminate air migration through the crawl space.
  • Applied PSK foil, lamtec coated insulation, spray foam, or foam board to walls to turn the crawl space into a “conditioned crawl.”
  • Cleaned entire duct system and performed Aeroseal process to significantly reduce duct leakage and improve efficiency.